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About Us

Hijab2go is one of South East Asia's leading online platforms for Muslimah fashion. We have a passionate and international team with people from all over the world, allowing us to constantly have a finger on the global fashion pulse. We work closely together with trendsetters and designers to give our customers the best, widest and most beautiful selection of hijabs in the world. We continuously look for people with a passion for fashion and a hunger to make a difference, so please contact us to find out how you can get involved.

Shopping Experience Redefined

Online shopping is a growing trend, but especially for Muslimahs, there is a continuous demand for trying on hijabs before buying them. Skin tone and head shape are some of the most important factors for women buying hijabs, making it hard to identify the perfect hijab online. Therefore we developed the Hijab2go App, allowing Muslimahs to try on 1000s of hijabs right on their smartphone. We believe in building relationships through high level customer service and strive to support our customers all the way through the purchasing process.

Our Mission

Muslimahs are often met with different prejudices. Some people think that they are less capable, less independent and less free because they wear hijabs. We want to empower Muslim women all over the world, and break down borders between Muslimahs and people from other cultures. We want to change the way the world perceives the hijab and show the true beauty of the woman behind it. Through our community of trendsetters and role models, we seek to drive change on a global scale to eventually complete our mission.